Ottos And Their Bibles

Now that it’s darker, Daddy Boy has been leaving for work later, so I was able to catch everyone reading their Bibles at the same time.


What is possibly cozier than that?


The big kids roll out of bed at 7:00, and drag their blankets to the couch to read for a half hour, first thing.  Jehu just finished up his Bible for the umpteenth time, just this week.  Jael goes through hers at a fast clip as well.  Gideon, on the other hand, is a comatose turd in the morning.  I have to look for reasons to send him outside before he reads, or he literally has zero brain waves.  Do you hear that, Gideon?


Rahab isn’t often up that early, but when she is we conscript her.  I would wake her up at well, but she’s my second place winner of the “Not a Morning Person” award.


I snuggle up with the kids and read when they do.  Because they have all the blankets.  I also drink a quart of apple cider vinegar/lemon water while I’m at it.  And this is my third time going through the Christ Church Bible Reading Plan.  Which I also really like and recommend.


Daddy has an old single column RSV study Bible that’s not in print anymore.  I had it rebound for him on one of our anniversaries.  It is the same Bible that our pastor Evan Wilson had, and Marc wanted one.  But they were out of print without a single copy to be found.  Suffice to say, I got to work harassing the publisher in England until he finally just sent me the spare off the shelf in his office.  I guess you can only take so much.  Just ask Daddy Boy.


Jael is reading a chronological NLT Bible.  Also single column.  She’s probably read this at least three times.  When she finishes up this next time, I’ll move her to our NKJV and let Jehu have a stint in the chronological Bible.  The NLT is our entry level Bible.  Eventually they have to upgrade, whether they like it or not.


Although, I tried to upgrade Jehu the last time he finished this Bible, and he pretty much said I could take it from his cold dead fingers.  Which is probably why the cover is no longer attached.  The day is coming, boy.


Gideon, however, has always been a man, and cut his teeth on the ESV.  Although I should seriously consider having him do his Bible reading in the evening.  Now that you mention it.  This is his second Bible, since his previous one was getting ratty.  But, as it turns out, Gideon actually needs two Bibles to increase the odds of him being able to find either of them.  But this Bible is my favorite.  It’s a single column, ESV Reader’s Bible with no verse markings, and only cost $20.


Rahab has read the Action Bible so many times I can’t keep track.  But she is having a hard time transitioning to The Child’s Story Bible.  It has actual words.  We usually start them in the Jesus Storybook Bible or Action Bible, and then cruise them through The Child’s Story Bible, before we put them in a real Bible.  Usually around age eight.  The little little girls have their Bible read at night.  They LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible, so we keep reading it to them.  Even though Marc has a hard time stomaching it.  He prefers The Biggest Story, but it’s on the shorter side.  So we alternate.


This is my single column Heirloom Legacy Bible.  I wore out my old NASB and decided that a Bible should never wear out.  Just when we were becoming good friends, too.  So I started saving my Red Girl/Craigslist money and bought a lifetime Bible.  I think it’s a little on the big side, but it has a lovely welcoming type and clean layout.  I only wish I could get this version/formatting in same size/binding as the Thomas Nelson Signature Bible.  It was more of a slimline Bible and bound in butta.  Like, you couldn’t hold onto that thing.  Oddly enough, perfection in the realm of Bibles is hard to come by.  I remember, even as far back as college, my favorite thing to do was visit the Christian bookstore and pet the Bibles.  I still remember picking up the Nelson Signature Bible and having it fall apart in my hands.  My head exploded.  What is this?  Well, apparently it was a KJV and over $200, so I never ended up getting it.  Even though it still haunts my dreams.  My Bible is nice, but it’s just not that nice.  😦  We do what we can.


Our Bibles parked.  RSV, NLT, Gidoen’s old ESV, NKJV (Jael’s not chronological Bible for church), The Action Bible, ESV, NLT Chronological, ESV, Jesus Storybook Bible…


The Biggest Story…


and the classic Child’s Story Bible at the bottom.


I try not to be too much of a snob when it comes to Bibles.  After all, I do have two copies of the New Living Translation on my shelves.  I think if you’re ten, it’s okay if you read the NLT.  I’m not sure about when you’re grown up.  But what I look for most in a Bible is readability – clean open text, with no references and preferably no columns.  I want the Bible to read like a story and I want my children to be able to immerse themselves in it.  So far, my favorite is the ESV Reader’s Bible, which is the last Bible I purchased.  If I would have know about it sooner, I would probably have six of those instead.  😉  Although, oddly enough, I can’t find them online anymore (other than in cloth).  I also need a nice family KJV for read alouds.  And that elusive Thomas Nelson Signature Bible of my dreams.  I think need that too.

Bibles, collect them all.

2 thoughts on “Ottos And Their Bibles

  1. Praise God! You guys really inspire me sometimes, I have some big family Bibles I will bring one over soon, so don’t buy one! God Bless you all in his word!

  2. I have many different types of Bibles because I enjoy reading the different types of each one. Depends on exactly the translation I am studying from as to which one I read from each day. Right now I’m into journaling in my Bible.

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