Two Thanksgivings

I just polished off two Thanksgiving dinners and a week and a half of house guests.


Round One consisted of 21 Ottos and all the fall birthdays.  And Megan flew in from Portland!  She took all the littles on an early Christmas shopping binge and let them buy whatever they wanted.  Even if it happened to be a pooping dolly, and now their lives are complete.


Round two was a mild infestation of Germains, bringing the house total to a meager 14.  However, my side of the family seems to pack a little more punch.  It was like a crash of rhinos dialed into their inner Id.  We did what we wanted.  And usually didn’t clean up after it.


In the evening, we ate popcorn in the wreckage and watched Natalie give a presentation on her trip to Europe.

IMG_0247 (1)

Another night, mom put together our annual slightly cutthroat Bingo game with Grandpa Dude presiding.

IMG_20181122_182040 (1)

Judith cleaned house.

IMG_20181122_182047 (1)

Figuratively.  Because my floors are still quite crusty and I need to wash all of the bedding, deep clean the bathrooms, vacuum the upholstery, and Windex everything.  It’s back on the straight and narrow.

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