My Dead Christmas Tree

Hey, I did get the house cleaned up.  But that was Wednesday.  Things have changed.

IMG_0159 (1)

Still, I have proof.


I had the little girls lay off the Nativities for two seconds so I could take their pictures.  This one is Rahab’s.  She is our day after Christmas birthday, so apparently she gets her own.  It is the lovely Italian one, Fontanini.  It’s like a couple hundred dollars and my mom found it at a thrift store for $7.  But now I know.  This is the only Nativity anyone with kids should ever purchase.  You could drive your passenger van over the wise men and they’d still be chipper.  Plus, it’s a lifetime purchase and you can add pieces to it indefinitely.  Which is why this particular manger scene includes swine.  Rahab’s special request.  And I guess Fantanini didn’t see the disparity.

IMG_0167 (1)

The rest of the children knock around with our heirloom nativity set from Marc’s grandma.  Which, is also made out of some kind of invincible plastic.  I almost need two more, so there’s less rioting.  Definitely the hottest items in the house right now.

IMG_0169 (1)

And here is my dead Christmas tree.  My friend left her tree up long past it’s due date last year and it petrified.  We were all kind of amazed.  The needles welded together in these solid hunks.  It’s the weirdest thing.  I said, “This is so cool, can I have it?”  Cuz I’m the kinda person who’s gonna take your dead Christmas tree to hoard in my garage all summer, so I can save $60 by not having to buy my own.  For reals, and look at that.  I think it will even get me to next year.

IMG_0170 (1)

My mother was less of a believer.  I drug it up to the house after Thanksgiving and left it on the patio.  She looked out the window and wanted to know what the sad dead thing was out there.  I told her it was our Christmas tree.  She just stared at me and then told me it most emphatically wasn’t and that I should be a better person.  But, not happening.  😀

IMG_0173 (1)

I lost so many vintage ornaments the last couple years that I kinda wanted to lay low this year anyways.  Especially with a wicked big toddlah about.  It worked out that I was able to scrounge up enough non-breakable ornaments in my stash that there’s nothing you can do to this tree to hurt it.  Other than break off one if it’s sad dead limbs.


I did run out and buy some tissue to make the pompoms.  But other than that, I don’t spend money on Christmas decorations or any holiday items at the stores.  I just collect things from my yard sale runs in the summer.  And then, what you got is what you got.  Which I really love, because I feel that the effect is something that is unreplicable.  It’s always kind of authentic and homey.  Versus, the “I just bought this at Target” aesthetic.

IMG_0180 (1)

The new addition for this year is this wax tree candly my mom picked up for me at a thrift store.  It’s pretty much everything that I love.  And then I saw Jehu packing off with it and box of matches.  “You, kid!  Get a stick so I can beat you with it!”

IMG_0183 (1)

I also got the sheepskins out of storage and washed them all.  I find that during the year I don’t have the patience to shake the sheep or sweep around them.  Even though it’s so much nicer with them in.

IMG_0185 (1)

Happy Christmas chillens!

IMG_0198 (1)

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