Advent Day 7

Boy’s second birthday.  I guess last year we invited too many people and he didn’t really feel like he could visit with all of them.  So he asked me nicely if I could do it twice.  So, here I am, making 60 rolls.  Like a machine.


And turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, Jello, sweet potatoes, and Indian fry bread.  Dinner for 29.


These poor people ate so much they were crying.  And then more people showed up later with even more food.  And then I broke out the deep fryer, for the extra seconds.  Hard times.

IMG_0466 (1)

Gideon and Jehu at the “teen” table.  Jehu turned thirteen the next day.  We usually have lots of little kids over and the boys sometime feel left out.  But we had three other teens over that night and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves all evening.  I think the last guests left at 11:30.


I was just looking at these pictures and noticing that my entire table is set with yard sale finds or hand-me-downs from family.  The glasses, plates, candle sticks, candles, mixing bowls, serving bowls, vintage melamine, serving pieces, and trays.  It was just this year that I went all out and bought matching white napkins and a 65 piece matching set of silverware.  I kind of miss my mismatched vintage silver and cloth napkin assortment.  But it was more of an efficiency measure.  Bittersweet.


If you notice the sequence of disintegrating table shots….


My friend and I amidst the late night carnage, drinking pine needle tea.  My new favorite.  Someone gave it to my tree climbing husband as a gift.  It’s one of those things I will just have to buy again, even if it costs $12.  It’s like drinking your Christmas tree.  What’s more festive than that?  You’d best put it on your list.  (And if you don’t like it, give it to me.  Whoa Nelly.)

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