Advent Day 16

We made it to church!  Where a lady, full of good intentions, cornered us to take our family picture.  Three other ladies chipped in, trying to get kids to stand still and smile, and this is still the end result.

IMG_0664 (1)

The children played games for the rest of the day with Daddy.  I checked out a giant stack from the library.  We usually don’t check out games.  Because we are no respecters of small pieces.  This must be the Christmas exception.


Here is Judith, preparing to lose graciously.


It’s hard to lose when everyone is laughing at you AND taking your picture.  We feel ya, Judith.  Such a fun game though.  It’s called Pyramid Arcade and is a combination of 22 games, from easy to hard.  With a lovely layout and construction.  Affordably priced at $77.



Then we finished off the day with books.


What else would we do?


2 thoughts on “Advent Day 16

  1. God Bless you two and your kids, I love these pics of everyone being read to and reading! I got the BIG BIBLE into the car and it toured Boise with me yesterday, but it did not get to your house!? I’ll try again next trip!

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