Advent Day 19

I caught Jehu and Dude snuggling by the fire Wednesday morning.


And then Dude helping Eve with the dishwasher.

IMG_0078 (2)

It’s a full time job being hopelessly cute.


The girls set up camp around the Christmas tree and colored.  We’re only doing basic school (math, English, spelling) and the kids have been filling in the rest of their time with reading, perler beads, drawing, and beading.  It’s a revolving mess fest.


Largely due to the fact that Judith changes her outfit between every activity.


Look, Dude helping Jael with laundry.  He is looking kind of pathetic since he was coming down with a cold.  Poor, cute, little sick baby.


In the evening, we shipped the boys out to Nerfed with their friends.


And then we made more cinnamon rolls for when they came home.  But who can wait that long?


We also boxed up a second batch for the librarians.


Which Jael delivered, while picking up a heap more books.  Just in case.  The librarians might be a little partial to Jael.  Just maybe.  Just a little.


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