Advent Day 21

I finally went to the store and bought white perler beads.  Apparently perler beading comes to a grinding halt when you run out of white.  Or black.  But now it’s all systems go.  (Yay.)


A few friends popped over to add to the foray.


Then, in the evening, we broke out the game stash and hung out in front of the fire.


Daddy Boy likes to corner everyone in one room after dinner.  If you want to be excused from dinner it means you get to start clearing the table first.  🙂  The little girls unload the lunch dishwasher, Jael loads, the boys clear and sweep, and then they all settle in.  Usually to do math and read books.  But since it’s Christmas we’ve been playing games.  We checked out 9 different board games from the library, but Pyramid Arcade is the definite go to.


Something for everyone.


I think this is one of my favorite things.  Just carved out slow time around the table.  We started it last Advent, but Marc liked it so much he just made it mandatory for the whole year.  At least when there isn’t soccer practice.


Enjoy it while it lasts.


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