Dirty Girls

I just noticed the ax is sticking out of Jael’s head in this picture.  😛


Daddy decided to burn a stump out this weekend.  What could be more fun?


I did mention that Otto kids like to play in the dirt?


It’s like a homeschool kid’s best friend.


Okay, wait.  Fire is your best friend, dirt is a close second.  Maybe after sticks and knives.  It’s kinda hard to say.


S’mores!  Simple cause and effect.


Same with baths.  It was all inevitable.


Followed by movie night.


And Sunday they were right back at it.


I must like doing laundry.  (I do.)




Jael trying really hard to fit in the hole.


I pulled in the driveway Sunday night and no one was to be seen in the yard.  Then, just as I stepped out of the car, this little head wiggled out of the stump.  Like a maggot.  Rahab’s new favorite spot.  In fact, Monday on the way to chess, she dove through the hole on her circuitous way to the van.  And then she had to change all of her clothes.  Because crawling through a burnt out stump will kinda do that to ya.


The real problem is the children like it so much, Daddy has to leave it there.  I’m not sure I like doing laundry that much.  You’re pushing my limits, people.

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