Who Let The Dogs Out?

I keep posting these outdoor shots because I keep looking out the window and going, “Whaaaat?”  It’s like when you look out and see that an entire herd of birds descended on your Mountain Ash tree.

It’s never what you expect, with children.


Except this, this is 100% predictable.


I’m sure the neighbors look outside and think, “Huh, must be recess at the Ottos.”  And it used to be such a quiet, dead-end street.


They’re like goats.


The bag of marshmallows from Sunday is still making the rounds.


A real hit with the ladies.


I always dress them in something warm and sensible in the morning.  But by the afternoon, that’s all changed (multiple times).  In fact, I think there is a swimsuit under this particular ensemble.


Jehu does good work.


Dude, you handsome man!

img_0378 (1)img_0379


img_0382 (1)img_0385

I think the marshmallow crisis has been successfully averted, however.  My favorite Oscar Wilde quote, “The best way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”  Problem solved.

img_0387 (1)img_0389

As I was outside taking these pictures I couldn’t help but think how different my 13 YEAR OLD son’s life is than most.  (I can’t believe he’s that big.)  But how priceless to still be a kid.  As his childhood years draw to close, I hope he’ll remember these times with affection.  It’s amazing how a small backyard was once so big, and how these easy times will soon be so far away.

We’re enjoying it while it lasts.


And back inside, just in time for a two hour read aloud from everybody’s favorite…Mrs. Wallace!  Well, the big kids read their own books in different corners of the house.  Jael read about the W.A.S.P.s, Gideon about Pellagra, and Jehu about Lincoln’s grave robbers and counterfeiting.

I mopped.


Here’s to the good ol’ days.

3 thoughts on “Who Let The Dogs Out?

  1. I remember when you just had the two boys and when Jehu had the nerve to lose his baby face you said fine, I will just have another! I think you just had to keep trying until you could get Dude.

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