This Keto Is Killing Me

I’ve been wandering around at the same weight since the baby was like a month old.  I complained to my sister, “I really want to get have another baby, but I need to lose ten pounds.”  She eyed me unsympathetically and said, “Stop eating.”  And the light dawned.  For someone who has never dieted in her life, this was a revelation.  Dieting, is in fact, something people do.  I too, could do this thing.  So I stopped eating carbs and sugar.  That is like, all the food.  Especially considering how protein is supposed to be kept at 20%, or it too turns into a carb.  I also started doing intermittent fasting (a.k.a. skipping breakfast), drinking a quart of apple cider vinegar water first thing in the morning, running 3 times a week, and drinking oolong tea by the bucket.  Only thing is, I can’t tell if it’s working, because I don’t have a scale.  Ha.


But I have learned a few things.  Keto is complicated.  And freaking carbs are in everything.  If I would have known I was going to spend half my time in keto flu because the adaption period is so long, I wouldn’t have started in the first place.  (This is dumb, I say).  But now that I’m finally getting the swing of it, I pretty much have to stick it out, since it was so hard to get here.  Seriously, the closest I get to a carb is a brussels sprout, so I don’t know why I’m light headed in a flash.  But what seems to make the difference is MCT oil.  I need more fat!  Without my Bulletproof Coffee I could very well fall over.  So here it goes:  Blend flavored or unflavored coffee with 1-2 tablespoons MCT oil and 1 tablespoon Irish butter.  I add a small squirt of vanilla creme liquid stevia and then A HALF CUP of whipped 40% heavy cream.  (I add some vanilla when I’m whipping it up with a few drops of stevia.)  Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and cocoa.  It’s like a fat latte.  It’s going to be hard going back.  Maybe I’ll even take it with me.

The other trick I learned is keeping my electrolytes up.  Lots of mineral water, salt, vitamins, and magnesium supplements.  Keto hits everyone differently.  And me like the side of a barn.

Sissy vegetarians.

**  Just remembered I had a milk frother/warmer in my cupboard.  Works even better.  Not sure I pack as much in that way, but it’s not cold at least.  

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