Costco.  I love it, my husband hates it.  I think it’s that part about spending $60 on four items.  Although, personally, I think we should just spend ALL our money there and call it good.

IMG_2209 (1)

I do feel like I do a pretty good job keeping to the essentials, waiting for sales, and avoiding the entire freezer section.  But, whether you like it or not, there are just some things you HAVE to buy at Costco.


Like all your sheets, towels (Only On Rebate), pillows (OOR), door mats/rugs (OOR), storage bins, socks (OOR), gel pens (OOR), milk, butter, eggs, heavy cream, Stretch-Tite plastic wrap, Kirkland laundry pacs, dish detergent pacs, Dawn dish soap, toilet paper, Kleenexes (OOR), Clorox Wipes (OOR), baby wipes (OOR), Dove unscented bar soap, Kirkland shampoo/conditioner, Aveeno lotion (OOR), Turkey flour, sugar, vanilla extract, yeast, canola oil, salt/pepper grinders, dry pinto beans, Adams peanut butter, and Kirkland jam.  That’s not even that many things, but keeping them in stock is a weekly, $60 enterprise.  The only time I stray from my list is if it is something I needed anyways, and Costco was carrying it.  Like a bathroom faucet on rebate when we’re in the middle of the remodel or $11 Khombu sandals for the son who won’t stop wearing my Tevas.  So there are incidental fatalities, but they always seem like a stroke of good fortune.  Not a war casualty.  But it does depend on who you ask.  😉

What’s on your list?  (Maybe I can add it to mine.)

2 thoughts on “Love/Hate

  1. I always buy a rotisserie chicken while I am there. We either eat it hot that night or carve it and stash it in the freezer for a quick chicken dish another night. And bone broth made weekly from it. Cant beat the price.

    • I know! But I raised such sissy vegetarian children, chicken makes them cry. 😦 They even refuse to eat my homemade noodles in chicken noodle soup. But yes, I’m down with this. The only time I like to touch chicken is when it comes pre-sanitized. 😉

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