Jael’s 11th Birthday Party

First things first.


My mother-in-law once gifted me a limitless supply of mini tart pans.  So occasionally we do things like this.  But for absolutely no other reason.  It is a nuisance.  But looks good on any father’s resume.  “Climb trees, rescue cats, unclog toilets, fix bicycles, make mini-tarts.”  Hired.


And then, BAM, the next day we were hit with it.  I was frantically throwing the last furniture back on the floor, and chucking stuff in the kitchen sink, as the first guests arrived.

Partys happen.


But Jael’s was oh so fun.  We did a “grandma” birthday with tea and crochet lessons.


At one point, it did occur to me that I had taken on more than was mentally healthy.  But boy, did we have some troopers!  If you can learn to crochet with grace, what other character traits do you need?


You never saw a nicer set of young ladies.

IMG_2466IMG_2478 (1)IMG_2455

Somewhere in the midst of the hullabaloo, the girls took a second out to roll some pretzels.  Because if you haven’t made a homemade pretzel, you need to get on that.  And then you will wonder why you don’t do it ALL the time.  Probably a bigger hit than the cake or tarts.  Because when can you ever go wrong with fresh bread?





Unfortunately, it was carrot.  With nuts in the cream cheese frosting even.  But what can you do?  A girl gets what she wants for her birthday.  Apologies were given in advance.



And so many fun presents.


Craft supplies, art supplies, baking supplies…it’s like they knew all the things Jael liked.


After dessert, the more staid retired to the living room to work on their crocheting, while the rest ran outside to chase chickens and get pulley rides up the tree.


We had so much fun we had to pull out an impromptu dinner, because it just wasn’t time to go home.  We finished the evening by the fire.  And that’s how you know you’ve had a perfectly good day.


On Sunday, we went to church to find it infested with little crocheters.  I was impressed to find that I had taught anyone to crochet at all.  But there you go.  Magic is all around us.


Beautiful girls, just beautiful.  😉


Happy birthday Jael, my nonpareil.

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