When Your Dad, Grandad, And Uncle Are All Arborists

There’s no fighting it.


I often look out my window to find this:

Earlier in the week there were three of them scurrying around in there like squirrels.  Believe it or not, none of the Otto children have broke anything yet.  The odds are getting so bad that every time they go outside it makes you cringe.  They’re practically queuing for the orthopedic surgeon.  I keep thinking I need to memorize the hours and locations of Direct Orthopedic Care.  Maybe stop by and get their fridge magnet.  Stock a nice size ice pack in the freezer.  Something.

6 thoughts on “When Your Dad, Grandad, And Uncle Are All Arborists

  1. My Andrew once went all the way up a tree (about as high as in the pic- maybe a smidge higher) and I heard him calling my name to come outside and see him. I went out- looked all around and finally said “I CAN’T see you anywhere!” He said “Look up” so I look, I don’t know 20 feet in the air or something and I hear a bunch of laughing and he says “Look WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY up!” And when I saw his face poking out of the peak of the pinetree, I about died. I lost my breathe right then and there and could barely even utter an almost-whispered “Get.Down.From.That.Tree.Right.Now.”

    I still have nightmares about that- I literally dreamed about it last week. I am crazy scared of heights anyway but now- after TWO broken bones in less than 18 months… I have a hard time just watching them go up an easy 20 feet or so.

    I couldn’t watch the video. I’d be done in for sure.

    • The children sighed when they saw this picture. 🙂 What a lucky spot to have such a beauty! Bless the folks who built (and planted) so the two could be so handy to each other.

      I think children should climb trees to absurd heights and nearly give their mothers heart attacks (sorry, Rebecca). It’s the best time of one’s life for it! Last summer, I climbed one of the trees in our yard and was shocked to discover that I am an Old Lady, and Old Bodies, as a whole, do not allow one to effortlessly swing in and out of trees. More’s the pity. So, go to it, Otto children! Live it up and DON’T BREAK BONES! (That goes for you Newman and Owen children, too, you hear?)

      (The one time, Rebecca, that I experienced Mama anxiety over heights, was when Luci, as a new three year old, climbed to the top of the pine tree in our back yard. She couldn’t get down and mewed like a cat until I was summoned to rescue her. And then I had to go and look it up.

    • Ha! I think my distinct problem is that I have no fear, whatsoever. It’s almost unnatural. I think it’s because my mind doesn’t make “what if” leaps. I think my mother visited and combed the yard for the kids’ carving knife collection. And then threw them out the window on her way home. I’m like, “What? You could hardly cut yourself on that if you tried.” Let’s be reasonable about this. 😉

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