Killing Keto

I never got around to writing a post on how much I loved keto.  (It’s the worst diet ever.  Don’t ever do it.)  I would be much more forgiving in my review if I thought it worked.  Although I did lose 15 pounds.  AT THE RATE OF 1 POUND PER WEEK.  And this was while doing intermittent fasting, keeping my calories at 1300, and my carbs at 20 grams, or at least in the vicinity.  The vicinity of starvation.  In which case, I’m not sure ketosis had anything to do with it.  But I stuck it out anyways.  I wasn’t going to start something else, and I was being stubborn.  I think you have to be stubborn to not eat carbs (a.k.a. food) for three months.  In any case, I’m done now.  And it’s finally getting warm out.  Last week, I was able to run 5 times.  I hope to keep it up.  Excepting this week, where I laid in bed sick feeling sorry for myself.  But exercising is definitely my preference.  I would rather run 5k, five times a week, and eat all the donuts – than diet.  End of story.


Jael grabbed this obligatory picture for me at the 120 mark.  She said, “Mother, if you smile, you won’t look as old.”

I replied, “I don’t smile.  Take the picture.”

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