One of the Ottos is not like the others.  That’s what we’ve come to find out.  Rahab spent last weekend at a 7 hour chess tournment, at her request.  She thought it was so fun.  Meanwhile, her chaperone almost expired from sheer boredom.  Last night, Rahab went to her first speedcubing club meeting.  She was stoked.  No other Otto however, including her own father, could be compelled to join the fray.  You’re going in alone.


You and a few other weirdos for company.

Seriously though, Jehu just sat in the corner with a book.  Apparently this was the anti-fun.  He could have been allergic.  He might have died.


Rahab, however, was positively glowing.  For homework she was supposed to learn how to make the white cross.  And she’s been whipping them out.  She periodically goes around showing her siblings the “trick.”  No one gets it.  Blank stares.  It’s like we’re all missing parts of our brains.  And yet, we all still seem to manage.


Finished!  I’m so happy you’re happy.


But I will never understand.

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