Piggy Pop

Daddy Boy got Rahab a silicone pig mold for Valentine’s Day.  Let’s just say she’s been hard at it.IMG_0686

She asked to make brownies the other day.  For some reason I always sign on to these bad ideas.  She came up to me later and said, “Mother, it was an accident.  I turned on the mixer and it all just pluffed out.”

IMG_0691 (1)

At what point does it stop being and “accident” and become exactly what you thought would happen?  There are no surprises here.


At least she has a supportive fan base.


“Look, it’s a pig!”

IMG_0703 (1)

They don’t photograph well, but taste delicious.


4 thoughts on “Piggy Pop

    • They do! It was a hard sell with the boys, but after that everyone fell in line. I remember yelling, “I am not your MOM!” Like it was a dirty word. The mental scarring helped.

      • That is great. Here down South we say “Mama” but my dad always called his parents “Mother and Daddy.”

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