Grace Agenda

I made a trip north for Grace Agenda this year.  First time ever.  I jumped in Marc’s Fiat for a drive through weekend.  I even took a friend.

In fact, here is a highly flattering picture of the pair of us.


While my friend and I attended the conference, Jael got in some Germain time.  Hanging out with my mom on her property, planting trees, getting dirty.

IMG_20190405_133020 (1)

She’s a natural.

IMG_20190405_174350 (1)IMG_20190405_174355 (1)

Helping Great Grandma through the mud.

IMG_20190405_174909 (1)

Genevieve & Genevieve

IMG_20190405_174915 (1)

This is what cracks me up.  Jael shows up at Grandma’s, neat as a pin in one of her favorite outfits, and my mom immediately stuffs her in camo and a motocross helmet.  Then she, and everyone else, proceeds to complain about her haircut.  “Miranda, she looks like a boy, when are you going to let her hair grow out?”  I guess just as soon as you stop cross dressing her.

A cute little fella.

IMG_20190406_090728 (1)

Grandpa Dude!

IMG_20190406_092219 (1)

For some reason, he felt compelled to pick up this little scooter for the kids.  Maybe becaue he’s SO much fun like that.

IMG_20190406_091601 (1)

I think someday I’ll frame this picture for Uriah Dude.  Your Great Grandpa is the coolest.

IMG_20190406_092304 (1)

And he has a way with the ladies.

IMG_20190406_092315 (1)

Jael saw a bumper sticker once that said, “Even Good Girls Get Dirty.”  It resonated.  She does seem to have less than hygenic tendencies.  If I ever need to have someone fish something out of the garbage disposal, I know who to ask (and it’s not Jehu).  Jael can handle herself just as well in pearls as she can camo.  🙂

IMG_20190406_130209 (1)

The Oligarchs.

IMG_20190406_130730 (1)

My Grandma has always worn as many rings as she could get her hands on.  But only real ones, mind you.  I was showing her my one, but I kinda felt like I needed to try harder.  Someone needs to carry on this tradition.  I vote it should be me.  Let’s step things up.

IMG_20190406_131343 (1)

While I had Grandma captive, I thought I should grab a selfie.  I said, “Here Grandma, look at this.”  And then, BAM.  She jumped like a cat when she saw I had taken her picture.  It was slightly evil of me.  She told Grandpa it was time to go home after that.  That’s how you know you’ve made her mad.  She’s had Alzheimer’s for years now, but for some reason that only makes her more fun.  Of course, it depends on who you ask, but there are some pretty funny Grandma stories going around.  If you have a family who will stick by you, even when you collect dolls, refuse to eat anything but chicken nuggets, and toss your diamond earrings in the trash, it’s really the only way to go.  Besides, the grandchildren are going to love it when I go senile.  It’s gonna be a riot.

I’m so proud of my mom for setting such a high standard when it comes to loving and taking care of her parents.  In fact, that was one of the points from Grace Agenda.  If you want a family that loves and respects you, start by doing a little loving and respecting of your own.  This stuff all flows downhill.  In which case, I imagine some bitterness digging might be in order.  That’s my quick tip.  Quick and dirty.

IMG_20190406_131354 (1)

Jael getting in some last minute horseback riding with Uncle Reuben (still single, email me).

IMG_20190406_132631 (1)

The view from the Ranch.  Hooray for northern Idaho.

IMG_20190406_132814 (1)

We’ll be back.

IMG_20190406_132854 (1)

P.S.  I’ll be sure to post when the Grace Agenda talks are uploaded and link to my favorites.  🙂

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