Capitol Classic 2019

We do this race almost every year.  It’s just a fun family day out.  Anything that begins with throwing your children out of the car (Go, go, go!), is off to a good start.

Then Marc and I wander around downtown with only two children, hardly knowing what to do with ourselves.


Although this year, we didn’t have to wait long before Gideon was galloping past to the finish.  It’s those long, awkward legs.  He came in fourth out of 84 in his age group.

Jehu even sucked it up, and ran faster than he usually does.  I made him go running again last weekend.  I said, “Jehu, what are you going to do if you get out of shape?”  He looked at me blankly and said, “Stay out of shape.”  It really only makes sense.


Next year, it’s Eve’s turn!  That’s the reason we keep doing this.  Someone is always in the wings, waiting their turn.  Meanwhile, someone else is entirely disenchanted, swearing never to do this again.

Well, too bad.


Rahab took the lead out of the girls.  I barely got her picture.  I just heard, “Hi, mother!” as she zipped past.  That’s her in the blue shorts.

IMG_4076 (1)

And here is Judith passing Jael.  Jael is not into the whole exercise scene.  She is like Grumpy Cat in running shorts.


Judith, on the other hand, is speed.  🙂


But don’t worry, the free ice cream makes up for the child abuse.  Barely.


Packing out.


The view from the top.


A beautiful day.  Good job, Ottos.


2 thoughts on “Capitol Classic 2019

  1. I’m trying to think what would make me run? Since I have a knee that likes to dislocate. Bears chasing me? Not even that – pretty sure Jesus would have to just take me home.

  2. That’s great! Awesome job Gideon! He makes it look so easy. We shorter people have to actually run. 😉
    How many miles was the race?

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