Heading out on a week long hunting trip with his grandpa and packing the complete Shakespeare.  Just in case.


That’s what they never teach you in those survival videos.  Don’t go out in the woods alone without a solid anthology.  You might never come back, and then what would you read?


Pearls Before Swine

“Shut mouf, Burt” is really starting to litter our everyday conversation.


Our new favorite, edifying comic.

Child:  “Why do I have to do a paragraph?  It’s too hard, I wrote one yesterday, I lost my pencil….”

Sophisticated Parent:  “Shut mouf and write paper, Burt!”


I just placed over 70 Christmas holds. If you find yourself at the library, and there aren’t any good Christmas picture books, it’s because I have them.  All of them.

But don’t worry, you can be a jerk too. RAR has a great list to pull from, and don’t forget the suggestions in the comments.  Just a reminder that it’s not too late to place holds. It’s really the only way.  I love how all our children read all the picture books we have in the house.  Even if there are 70.  And nothing says Christmas like being neck deep in books.  🙂