Heading out on a week long hunting trip with his grandpa and packing the complete Shakespeare.  Just in case.


That’s what they never teach you in those survival videos.  Don’t go out in the woods alone without a solid anthology.  You might never come back, and then what would you read?

Walter and Odessa

Happy birthday!


My youngest siblings jointly celebrated their birthdays a few weekends back.  I uploaded all 100 photos for you.  Consequently, if I even try to open the previous blog post my editor freaks out and dies.  Which is why there is no text and the photos are vomited on the page in no recognizable order.  For their birthday Natalie and Reuben decided to host an archery tea party for children.  Twenty-two of them to be exact.  That’s their idea of a good time.  If you got a chance to look at the photos you would have observed that they were right.  Here is a picture of them opening their present to each other.

“Natalie, you shouldn’t have!”

In short succession they also opened a scope, bipod, and sling.  My brother and sister are very expensive vegetarians.


Reuben also went and bought party favors for all the children.  Which included a bow and arrow, trebuchet, and a whole slew of pocket knives.  As one mother observed, “These are the kind of people who put guns in Bibles and hand out knives to toddlers.”  And whenever my friend Mackenzie brings her six children out to my parents’ place, she  she is known to watch them like a hawk with hysterical neurosis.  Also known as common sense and good parenting.  I don’t watch my children at all.  I just assume they are around somewhere and not bleeding too profusely.  Mackenzie wanted  to know how no one ever died.  “Oh they’re fine,” I insisted.  “How is this fine?” she wanted to know, as she gesticulated to an unattended one year old half way up an extension ladder.  I snatched her down.

“See…fine.”  🙂