That’s Right

Jael was having trouble going to sleep.  She asked, “What should I do?”

“Go to sleep.”

“But I caaaan’t!”

So I proceeded to remind her of what I used to do when I was little.  “I always tried to go to bed early,” I said, “so I could have more time to imagine before I fell asleep.  Just think of whatever book you read last and rewrite in your head.”  At which point, Gideon pointed his finger at me and guffawed, “Ohhh!  So you never turned down the sorcerer’s request for collaborative world domination, did you?”

Nope.  😉


Canon Rebel XT

I was kinda wondering why I wasn’t blogging.  Other than my life being insanely busy and the fact that I’m still sticking to the kitchen floor.  I decided what I really needed was a camera.  I have always needed a camera.  And every time I go to get one they are $500, on sale.  And I repent.  Quickly.  Other times I mope around on Craiglist and look at the used $230 ones.  Or the $150 ones.  Still nothin’.  But just this week I saw one for $50.  I was like, $50?  I can do $50.  Plus, you always know where you’re at with a $50 camera.  Does it take a picture?  Yes.  Does it look sorta nice?  Yes.


Behold.  The very first picture I took with my 12 year old camera standing on the porch of the Craigslist lady in question.

Good ’nuff.