Advent Day 9

We spent Saturday getting ready for Jehu and Rahab’s birthday that coming Sunday. So after our Advent reading, and a bit of laundry folding, the children settled down to watch a movie while I mopped all of the floors. 🙂 


Floors which, incidentally, all need mopped again.


Advent Day 5

We finally went out to get our tree! On the way we stopped at a Dutch Bros for treats. As we pulled out we noticed carollers in the window at Barnes and Noble. So we all ran in to listen to the Boise Hight School choir. We were impressed.


We got our tree at the Calvary Chapel tree lot that benefits their mission in India.  While we were there we bumped into friends of friends by the fire, the children ran around in the dark, drank free hot chocolate, and then demanded to go pee.

Oh wait, you’re too late.  And how do we fit this tree in here?