Grandma’s House

Made a quick and dirty trip up north.  We visited Grandma at her tiny house.  Here she is making us dinner.


Don’t worry, she’s got this.


You can see the house she’s building in the background.  Meanwhile, she’s camped out in something the size of my van.  🙂


Boy, trying to get some vacation out of his vacation.  I sat there taking this picture for a long time.


Until I finally got this.  I knew it was coming.


Reuben’s home!  Time to get to work.


Who needs diapers?  The world is your oyster, Dude.


Mom’s weiner dogs.  It’s funny, my children insist on hating all of my mother’s dogs (including the previous one).  I think it’s jealously.  My siblings don’t like them either.  They do get stepped on a lot.


Summertime, and the living’s easy.  (We’re not visiting in the winter.  Advance apologies.)


The view from the top of mom’s house.


You know you’re loved when, out of 13 people, you’re chosen to get the bed.  Royalty.


Day two, working on the house.




Handsome, eldest son.


Grandma and her team, whipping up a quick dinner for 16.


Grandma spent the day building her retaining wall with Gideon.  She tried to convince the boys that it was “just like Legos,” but Gideon was the only taker.  Stacking rocks could be a genetic affliction.  My dad had a thing.


I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures, but the children literally spent the day in Grandma’s pond.  Here they are with their finds.  I think the Water Scorpion kind of cooled their jets though.


Because stacking rocks is so much fun!  (Actually, she’s just crazy.  Look at her.)


Grandma Gene and the visiting puppy.  Who was instantly fawned over by everyone, including myself.  But those weiner dogs, they’re going to grow up with a complex.  I’m just remembering, but Grandma had just jettisoned the weiner dog to hold the puppy in this picture.  It’s true, no one loves you.


Comparing nails with Grandma Gene.


So many ways to get filthy.  Let’s try them all.


The Oligarchs, attempting to retire with some dignity.


The pool in question.  When ALL the kids are in it, with ALL the floaties, it’s quite a sight.  One that can be clearly seen from the highway.  I only wonder what the neighbors think.


The boys laying concrete board.


Jael modeling van life.  It is not the kind of life I ever want to live.  After this explosion, I had to get my act enough together to show up to my school reunion.  Like nothing ever happened.  (Luckily, I know people with showers.)  Because I always look this classy.


Don’t we, Dude?


Grandma has pretty amazing views.  Nice rocks, by the way.


My mom’s friend Kylie was getting tired of the dog racism, and tried to teach Dude that Fernwood and Rocket were his friends.  Previously, he would come around the corner, see the dog, and streak off across the yard as fast as his stubby legs could carry him.  Screaming.

Look, progress.


And, after we trashed that place, we jumped in the van and left.  “Have fun doing those dishes in your four inch sink, mom!”  Fortunately, she only has 12 dishes.  But still.




A favorite quote of my moms: “Do you know that scarring someone for life is a surefire way to create lifelong memories?”  Yep, mom, we got it.  Thanks.

And I didn’t even tell you about The Bucket.

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